Aerocom USA. | UI / UX Design, Web Design, Web Development

The Client

Aerocom is a leading supplier of pneumatic tube systems. Aerocom wanted to update their current site and build a site focused on certain clients and future markets. They wanted to also build a stamp on those markets as soon as a customer reaches their site.

The Process

UI / UX Design: I built a wireframe focusing on the markets Aerocom wanted to highlight, using wide views and a clean market first navigation.

Web Design: They had a set color pallete, I chose to use their main color red as a highlight and also as the color of the icons.

Development: HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Responsive Grid.


The Colors


The Website

Working through building a distinctive nav directed at their markets, gives Aerocom a site with the kind of UI that works directly with each client pinpointing their needs.