CareServ Technologies | Branding, UI / UX Design, Web Design, Web Development

The Client

CareServ Technologies is a company with a unique industry, providing Point of Care and Electronic Health Records. Through the use of Tablet and mobile device apps. Fixing the challenges nursing faculties have transitioning to Electronic Health Records helping the burden that comes on to these organizations.

The Process

UI / UX Design: Finding out more about Careserv’s client side applications and how they will effect the customers coming to the site. Comparing their competition was difficult no one really handles all the solutions they offer, so finding a way to bring the app to the forefront, and defining the perimeters on making a simple UI because the clients visiting mostly only have minutes to investigate a solution for their problem.

Branding, and Web Design: I got to design their logo they wanted something clean, medical and techy. They wanted to select a color palette for comfort. I believe colors can bring emotions to a user, and if i have the chance to create that experience its quite exciting. I looked at using soft colors through out the site, clean inviting medical images, focusing more on the nurses and staff then the doctors themselves. Simple icons, clean animations through out.

Development: HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Responsive Grid.


The Logo

The Colors


The Website

Working with a unique clients can really stretch the imagination. With Careserv I was able to use their app and services to highlight the design. Giving their clients a precise experience, with a clean and focused UI.