HealthWell Solutions | Branding, UI / UX Design, Web Design, Web Development

The Client

Healthwell Solutions is an on-site clinic services for large corporations. Their Mission is dedicated to enriching the lives of people by being the regional leader in an innovative patient centered health care delivery model. The wanted to look cleaner and lighter than their competition. Wanting to give their future clients an inviting experience on their site.

The Process

UI / UX Design: Provide a simple clean UI / UX, light colors to invoke a light emotional feel to the site. Their industry deals a lot with local events,and care service blogs, I wanted to give that a focus on the homepage as it was an important part to there whole industry. Their biggest push was to give the clients a degree of separation for employers , members, and clinicians giving each their own section for resources and documentation.

Branding, and Web Design: Logo design that fit their industry and the feeling they wanted through out their site. Finding a lot of their competition didn't have a responsive site I focused on making the design complement the colors and logo. Giving each section its own distinctive color and feel accompanied with custom illustrations and graphics throughout the site.

Development: HTML, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Responsive Grid.


The Logo

The Colors


The Website

Healthwell Solutions was one of those projects were your given so much trust and freedom. From the logo to the design it was a blast to create this site.