UX Design

Building a great UX / UI Experience

When starting any project from a website, app, or product it takes research, data, and a goal to build the best possible experience for the user. Building that experience takes more than just a simple design. Its more than just designing, it requires not only asking “how?” but also “WHY?”.

After the Data

It's a great time to start brain storming, sketching, and wireframing. I feel that sketching is a huge part of working in interactive design. I was once told you can't build a house without a frame. Designing an experience is more than just finding data and trying to design around that, its laying out a plan. Using sketches or wireframing to lead you on the correct path to building a smooth interaction.

After you design the Layout

Once all sketches and wireframes are layed out, it's time to test all the different scenarios that have been developed. Test each aspect for errors and continuity to ensure that with each step the user is being lead through the story carefully not to be misguided or confused. Giving a fluid clear user experience.