Sunbeam | UI/UX Design, Web Design, Web Development

The Client

Working on the team at Jarden Creative Services was such a great experience, I was able to work in a Agile environment, and truly grow my skills as a UI and UX designer. I worked with a great team of designers on UI strategy, wireframing, stylesheets , UX Design, and Production.

The Process

UI / UX Design: Focusing on ecommerce, working with a CMS and focusing on bringing forth a clear and easy design to get conversions of costumers coming to the site.

Web Design: Web Design, banners, CTA’s, HTML Emailers, Custom Service Pages.

Development: HTML, CSS3


The Colors


The Website

It was truly great working on this project, which also gave me the chance to work on many different sites under the Jarden umbrella of consumer products.