Santiago Gomez

Director of UX/Product Design

My passion is developing innovative strategies and designs for online interaction. In addition, I enjoy mentoring young designers as an adjunct professor.

What I


Just a quick rundown of the skills I’ve acquired over the course of my career.

150 +

Projects Completed

Director of UX/Product

During the course of the product development process, a director of product is in charge of supervising, managing, and directing the product teams.

User experience Design

Designing artifacts with the ability for users to accomplish their needs in the most effective, efficient, and satisfying way is the objective.

User Interface Development

User interface (UI) design focuses on making sure that the interface features elements that are simple to use, understand, and access.

Custom Illustration

When I utilize illustration, almost every project I’ve worked on takes new life. Character creation, original animations, icons, and much more.

Just Some


Here are some examples of my work with some amazing clients and companies that I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

My Approach


Requirement Gathering

Technical Evaluation

Emerging trends & Behaviour

Competitive Analysis 

User-Centric Research 

User Experience

User Interviews 




User Testing

UI Design


Ui Design

Design System

High fidelity Designs

About Me

Let me start by saying that I consider myself fortunate every day to make a living doing this. I find it to be so great since it never gets old and is constantly changing. I am constantly daydreaming about user interfaces and breathing design and development. I’m a husband, and father to two boys, and a girl. I’m an Atlanta native, Colombian raised. Don’t even get me started on comic books; I also adore all genres of music and movies.

Other Skills

Front-End Development



Santiago Gomez

I had the pleasure of working with Santiago during my time at SOLTECH. I was always impressed with his ability to produce high-quality, eye-pleasing designs and comps. In addition, he has a rare talent for creating brand imagery that is not only attractive, but represents the essence of the brand.

I’ve worked with Santiago for years and he is one of the best UI/UX guys I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I first worked with Santiago in early 2014 and he has been the lead designer on most (if not all) of the projects my team touches over at Soltech. His design work is on-point and lines up with how users expect to use the application/website.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Santiago on several projects at SOLTECH, and let me tell you–this guy knows his stuff. He has amazing design sense, is very speedy with mockups and HTML comps, and is highly detail-oriented. He strives tirelessly to not only give the clients exactly what they want, but to make the developers’ jobs in implementing his designs as easy as possible. Santiago is an awesome coworker and I would highly recommend him as an asset to anyone.