Hey I'm Santiago Gomez

I’m a UX / UI Experience Designer

I’m Focused on Designing Rich UX and Developing Cutting Edge UI.

I Create innovation by placing UX before all else.
I bring functionality to the forefront of every Design I create.

Who is this Guy?

I live to Strategize and Design new and exciting ways to think of Online Interaction. I believe every aspect of designing and creating for Online & Mobile requires not only asking “how?” but also “WHY?”.

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WEB DESIGN I love! Yes...

Design chose me.

Ever since I could hold a pencil, I was drawing, sketching and designing cartoons, logos, posters, cards, etc. When I chose to make design my life, my career, it came to me as naturally as breathing. It’s great when you chose to do something you believe and love as your career; it makes everyday more enjoyable.

Design affects everything we see and do. With Design we can change our perception of the world with something as small as a banner ad, to something much larger, like building a company’s brand identity. I live design because it’s amazing to see how it changes and adapts from one day to the next. It’s exciting, fun and, most of all, a life filled with learning.

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I'm a User lets Interface!

UX + UI = ME

Building a great UX provides users a journey that takes them through a site, application, or product. The best experiences are delivered by focusing on user data, emotional response, and placing the user before all else.

Placing the user before all else , use real data creating an experience that is as much if not more important then the design.

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Lets Draw Something!

Being an Illustrator

I have a great grasp for layout –– I’m able to visualize a layout before it’s created. I can take client ideas, like company logos and custom branding elements, and give them a 2d or 3d example. This skill has become extremely important in guiding projects from concept to reality.

I can create custom illustrations: You think it, I create it.

See some of my Illustrations

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If you need anything from Creative / Visual Concepts, Web Projects, Landing Pages, to Apps, UX, UI, or any type of Design / Illustration and Front-End Development project, I’m here for you.

Thanks for your consideration.
Have a Good One!