Solving problems
with design

Hey I’m Santiago I focus on crafting innovative strategies and designs geared towards enhancing engagement.

What I do

Discovery + Research

In my position, I immerse myself in objectives and goals, akin to an experienced craftsman, meticulously shaping the fundamentals of information architecture, design, and strategy (IA) with precision and expertise.

Requirement Gathering
Technical Evaluation
Emerging trends & Behavior
Competitive Analysis
User-Centric Research 

UX + UI Design

As a seasoned professional, I employ a meticulous approach to understanding the desires of users. As I progress from initial low-fidelity wireframes to interactive prototypes, I witness the evolution of an idea from its z to a fully-realized, attention-grabbing solution that delivers measurable results.

Information Architecture
High fidelity Mockups
Design System
POC Prototype

Application Development

Equipped with my reliable keyboard and a stock of energy drinks, I approach application development like a skilled professional, combining tried-and-tested technologies to ensure that your app is robust and secure. You can be confident that your apps are protected against even the most daunting transformations in the technology domain.

Web Apps
Web Sites
Mobile Apps

Some brands I have had the privilege to work with.


4 Wheel Parts



Ron Clark Academy

Fetch Dog Park

Getting to Know Me

Husband and Father

My most significant accomplishment lies in my role as a devoted husband and father of three. Throughout my journey in technology and design, their unwavering support has been instrumental in my success. Their encouragement fuels my passion for each new project I undertake, and their anticipation for my contributions serves as a constant source of motivation and inspiration.

Teaching and Mentoring

I am deeply appreciative of the opportunities afforded to me by the technology and design industry. In recognition of this privilege, I have actively engaged in mentoring and teaching throughout my career. My efforts have focused not only on imparting best practices but also on guiding aspiring designers in navigating their professional journeys. Witnessing the growth and development of these individuals over the years brings me immense satisfaction and fulfillment.

Director of User Experience

As the Director of User Experience, I am dedicated to spearheading the creation of immersive and intuitive user experiences (UX) in tandem with compelling user interfaces (UI). With a relentless pursuit of innovation, my expertise lies in orchestrating the development of dynamic websites and applications that place user-centricity at the forefront of my design philosophy.